Increasing the opportunities for students to get active

Inclusive Sport in Schools offers a variety of fun, engaging and inclusive programs where students can participate and learn at their own pace.

Our programs are designed to develop the physical literacy of participating students – building the skills, knowledge and behaviours to gain the confidence and motivation to be active for life.

Inclusive Sport in Schools is delivered through four bespoke programs catering to different school years, activity types, skills and engagement level.

Program Pathway

Program Pathway

Our Program Pathway allows schools to create their own journey through unique opportunities that suit the needs of students, parents, and local community.

This could be:

  • Improving student’s physical literacy through participation in a variety of different programs
  • Increasing student skill levels through high quality, sport-specific experiences
  • Creating or promoting opportunities for ongoing participation at their school or local community clubs

Click here to open and download our matrix showing the Program Pathway describing the progression opportunities schools can consider.

Young Athletes

Suitable for Foundation to Year 2

Young Athletes focuses on the development of fundamental movement skills, and social and emotional development in a fun, inclusive, and active environment.

Students develop important learning skills such as how to share, take turns and follow directions. These skills help young children at school, with their family, and in the community.

The program includes a range of resources for schools, deliverers, and families.

The Snapshot

  • Suitable from Foundation to Year 2
  • Session time is between 30 and 45 minutes
  • Program length is 8 weeks

Coach accreditation requirements

Playing for All

Suitable for Foundation to Year 12

Playing for All programs are aligned to the Australian Curriculum: Health and Physical Education and to the Australian Physical Literacy Framework.

Each program includes a series of Playing for All cards that use a games sense approach and provide a strong foundation for fundamental movement skill development, which can be applied and adapted for different sports.

Playing for All programs are organised into six game categories:

  • Invasion Games
  • Movement Games – Fundamental Movement Skills
  • Movement Games – Rhythmic & Expressive
  • Net & Court Games
  • Striking & Fielding Games
  • Target Games

The Snapshot

  • Suitable for Foundation to Year 12
  • Session time is between 30 and 60 minutes
  • Program length is 8 weeks

Coach accreditation requirements

Sport Partner

Suitable for Foundation to Year 8

Sport Partner programs are purposefully designed and delivered in partnership with National Sporting Organisations (NSOs) to offer students a progression from the Playing for All programs into more sport-specific games and activities.

Each of the sport-specific programs offered is an adapted version of an NSO’s current Sporting Schools product, or a new offering that has been specifically designed for delivery in special education environments.

Programs are delivered via a network of suitably trained coaches, with additional support and resources provided by Special Olympics Australia to ensure they can confidently deliver to students with an intellectual disability and autism.

Special Olympics Australia is currently working with these organisations to offer Sport Partner programs:

  • AFL NSW/ACT (only available in NSW)
  • Athletics Australia
  • Cricket Australia
  • Football Australia
  • Golf Australia
  • Gymnastics Australia
  • NRL
  • Rugby Australia
  • Table Tennis Australia
  • Tennis Australia
  • Tenpin Bowling Australia

Booking a Sport Partner program

Please visit the Sporting Schools website to apply for a grant. Once approved, simply enter the Sporting Schools booking system to review and select one of the Sport Partner packages on offer.

When your booking request is received, Special Olympics Australia and the respective NSO will work together to confirm and arrange delivery of your program.

The Snapshot

  • Suitable from Year 3 to Year 12* (only up to Year 8 in Sporting Schools)
  • Session times are between 30 and 60 minutes
  • Program length varies between sport partners from 4 to 10 sessions
  • Costs vary between sport partners and programs can be delivered through Sporting Schools

Unified Schools

Suitable for Foundation to Year 6

Unified Schools brings together young people with and without intellectual disability and/or autism together, in school communities.

COMING SOON – Unified Schools

Our Unified Schools program promotes meaningful social inclusion by bringing young people with and without intellectual disability and/or autism together, to create school communities that are accepting of all students.

The program combines physical activity, classroom learning, and whole of school strategies to create school climates of acceptance.

  • Unified Playing for All: a fully inclusive physical activity program that incorporates students with and without intellectual disability and/or autism playing and learning together. Schools select a Playing for All program and make it Unified by including students with and without intellectual disability and/or autism. Can be delivered by a teacher or a Special Olympics Australia arranged coach.
  • Unified Classroom Lessons: a series of lessons and resources for Foundation to Year 6, aligned to the Australian Curriculum, designed to equip students with the tools to be inclusive leaders. The lessons focus on the General Capabilities, Ethical Understanding and Personal and Social Capability, and cover topics such as Emotional Awareness, Communication, Leadership, and Diversity. The lessons extend and complement the learning experienced by students when participating in the Unified Playing for All sessions.
  • Whole School Engagement: school-wide awareness and education activities that build a school climate of empowerment and inclusion. Students with and without intellectual disabilities are involved with planning and leading awareness events with the support of an adult. Access the Special Olympics Australia Unified Schools Framework for strategies for creating a more socially inclusive school.

The Snapshot

  • Suitable for Foundation to Year 6
  • Combines physical activity, classroom lesson plans and whole school engagement strategies
  • Youth Leadership lessons delivered by school’s teacher/s
  • Program length is 8-week

Coach accreditation requirements