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Our suite of resources is designed to help schools, teachers and coaches find all they need to implement and deliver the Inclusive Sport in Schools program.

Young Athletes Delivery Resources

Special Olympics Young Athletes is a play-based program for children, ages 2 to 8 years old, with and without intellectual disabilities.

Students develop important learning skills such as how to share, take turns and follow directions which help young children at school, at home, and in the community.

Access to the program and resources is free of charge on Special Olympics Australia’s online learning platform ‘SOA Learn’ and is suitable from Foundation to Year 2. Each session time is between 30 and 45 minutes and the program length is 8 weeks.

Our Coaching Course and activity cards will help guide you to deliver a fun and engaging fundamental movement program.

Playing for All Delivery Resources

Find everything you need right here to deliver the Playing for All session of your program.

The Delivery Guide provides both guidance and information to deliver fun, engaging, and inclusive programs. A must-read for all coaches before you begin your program!

Our Playing for All activity cards have been carefully designed into Program Planners to guide coaches in the delivery of purposeful Playing for All sessions.

Sport Partner Delivery Resources

Special Olympics Australia has partnered with national sporting organisations to deliver adapted versions of Sporting Schools products to students with an intellectual disability and/or autism.

A range of delivery resources has been developed to increase the skills of coaches to provide a variety of fun, highly engaging programs, during which students can learn at their own pace and develop the skills, confidence, and motivation to be active for life.

The delivery resources can be found in the Inclusive Sport Academy and include:

  • A Visual Story to send teachers to read with their students before the program starts, helping them become familiar with the planned program and to understand the required behaviours.
  • A Visual Schedule to show students the sequence of activities that will occur during a session, allowing them to develop confidence and participate more independently.
  • A set of Communication Cards to assist coach communication with individual students, allowing them to interact with people and their surroundings, as well as make choices and express needs.
  • A Class Profile to send teachers to complete before the program starts, providing coaches a snapshot of the educational support needs of each class before sessions begin.
  • A Video Series comprising 5 educational videos for coaches, each with a unique focus area, that provide support and the information required to assist with delivering Inclusive Sport in Schools programs.

Online Learning

The Inclusive Sport Academy is an online platform designed to help coaches, teachers and community members improve the delivery of sport and physical activity for people with an intellectual disability and autism.

As well as accessing our program activity cards and planners you will gain access to:

Online Courses

  • Improving sport for people with an intellectual disability
  • An Introduction to Autism Spectrum Disorder
  • Young Athletes


  • Autism Sport, Recreation and Physical Education – series of six webinars

Learn more about the Inclusive Sport Academy and sign up for free access here.


Our toolkit is well equipped with a range of documents and information to help schools, teachers and coaches understand their responsibilities, become involved, celebrate achievement, and help promote the Inclusive Sport in Schools program.