Playing for All

2020-12-29 04:20:40
Group of school children playing ball games outdoors in the playground

Playing for All approach

The Playing for All approach is derived from Sport Australia’s Playing for Life philosophy, bringing together fun, games-based activities to develop children’s skills, confidence, and lifelong interest in sport and physical activity.

The purposefully designed Playing for All resources ensure teachers, coaches, volunteers, and parents can confidently support the development of a child’s physical literacy and contribute to developmental outcomes through fun, engaging, participant-centred learning.

Playing for All activity cards

The Playing for All cards enables the delivery of best practice games-based inclusive sport programs.

The game-based activities are easily adapted to different sports and help create a safe, inclusive and challenging environment for children. They can be used as individual games to address specific learning outcomes, or as a sequence of games within a planned program, available in the form of our 8-session Program Planners.

The Playing for All cards are aligned to the Australian Curriculum: Health and Physical Education and are mapped to the Australian Physical Literacy Framework.